My very first styled shoot. Boho meets rustic

I recently had the most amazing time coordinating and designing my very first styled shoot, along with some pretty talented local vendors. This shoot was what dreams were made of, well my dreams at least.  The sun was shining, there was an imported French lace dress, a beautiful couple, bohemian vibes and rustic was made elegant.  

My inspiration was sparked by a cheese board of all things, where the color of the apricots, figs and cured meats popped against the creamy soft cheese and various shades of blue were scattered throughout.  I wanted lots of natural textures so it had a warmth and rustic feel to it.  To accomplish this, I brought in a beautiful farmhouse table, natural linens and wooden bread boards to use as the place settings. 


To continue with my rustic yet boho theme, I wanted a semi-naked cake that had that beautiful dripping look to it, and boy is that what I got.  This beauty was just as tasty as it was pretty.  The caramel drizzle that was oozing off the cake made it literally picture perfect. I mean, look at this thing.



The flowers pretty much knocked my socks off (well, that is if I would have had socks on, but you get the idea).  I sent in my email to a well-known florist in the area, because I just knew her style would work so well with what I was wanting.  Much to my surprise and absolute delight, she agreed to work with me and also had a few tips that she shared about business and life, so thank you Amy!  The flowers were a nod to my bohemian vibe, freely flowing with greenery and full of peach, blush, orange, blue and cream tones. Every single flower that was incorporated took my breath away.  I think any bride would be more than thrilled if her bouquet and centerpieces looked like this. 



I mean, these flowers!  Come ON!  The model looks pretty darn good too.  

I mean, these flowers!  Come ON!  The model looks pretty darn good too.  

The dress, oh the dress.  It was a Grace Loves Lace stunner and took the bohemian vibes to the next level with a perfectly colored nude underlay, gorgeous detail all over and featuring an open back. The company itself is something to be bragged about.  Their customer service was top notch, and I really want to take a bride down to their L.A. showroom to try on gowns (hint, hint brides- ROAD TRIP!)  Every detail of this dress was breathtaking and unique, it makes me wish that I could go back and get married all over again. The pictures speak for themselves on this one…



My models were real life husband and wife, Seth and Kara Mehrten.  I wanted a married couple, people who were intimate and comfortable with each other, and who have shared these sweet wedding moments together before. They pulled off everything I had imagined so perfectly, cuddling with each other the whole time and making all of us envious of their comfort in front of the camera.  The makeup artist and hair stylist brought their A game – once again bringing my boho style visions to life.  How fun to get to have a pretend wedding!  Maybe I’ll try to write myself and my hubby in for the next one!



My photographer.  She somehow captured everything exactly how I wanted without me ever saying a word.  You know how when you have an idea in your head about how you want the color and lighting to be and you’re not even sure if that vision is attainable?  Enter Amber and say no more.  How we had never met before this day is beyond me, but how glad I am to have her around!  Looking back on the pictures, I am amazed (why, why would I doubt her?)  at how perfect every single shot turned out.  To say that I’m almost just as obsessed with all of these pictures as much as my own wedding photos is slightly embarrassing and 100% true.  This is why you invest the money on a good photographer, on someone you can trust with that special day to capture those little moments.  Let's just say that I absolutely CANNOT wait to work with Amber again!  



To say that I am proud and excited about how the shoot turned out would be an understatement.  But just so you know, I will put just as much creativity, passion and love into every single event I plan.  That's just how I am. I will give it all of my heart because I can't give anything less.  Each one is different.  Each one is special.  And I'm looking forward to helping couples plan their forever for a very long time.  

Katie Kalender