The day I followed a dream...

After years of doubt and wondering if I would ever actually become a wedding planner, here I am, writing my first blog post on  my new wedding planning website.  What a journey it's been to get here, and still continues to be.  I have had doubts, questions, excitement and sadness.  It's been real life.  It's been hard work.  And it's already been a dream come true.  

As I sit here in my newly renovated home office, I think about all of the wonderful events I've already been a part of that helped lead me to where I am today.  I have been a coordinator for a family venue, small business owner that had the potential to grow, but life happened and it ended, associate wedding planner and now the owner, designer and planner of my very own company.  I'm sitting here with thankfulness in my heart for the fact that you are even here reading this.  

So here's to beautiful - friendships, weddings and marriages. 

Katie Kalender