Why to consider a "First Look"


We have all seen the photos that have gone viral of a soon-to-be-husband watching his bride walking down the aisle toward him, and he has the most amazing look on his face.  I would agree with most women in America and say that those are the best photos ever.  So why on earth would I suggest something that takes away from that moment?  Just hear me out on this…

Walking down the aisle toward your husband when he hasn’t seen you yet on your wedding day is wonderful. But on your wedding day, do you imagine hiding from your soon-to-be-spouse the whole time?  No.  But that’s what ends up happening, every time.   Do you want to share that intimate moment when you first see each other with your guests?  Because if you happened to invite 400 people to your wedding, that sweet moment has now been shared with all of them.  Which yes, sounds great, but wouldn’t it be even better to have that moment with just the two of you?

This is where a first look comes into play.

I have experienced this moment before and let me tell you what it’s like.  You feel beautiful, you have butterflies and it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before, it’s 12:00pm noon and all you want to do is see the man you love!  Now imagine having to avoid him for the next 5 hours.  When you decide to have a first look, you go straight from getting ready to seeing your man!  Awesome, right?  You get that unforgettable moment of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day, and you get to keep it private.  He will turn around and have that look you’ve always dreamed of.  You get to embrace and kiss each other and get some sweet time alone together.  Photographers and videographers are usually very good about keeping a little distance, but they still capture that moment and it’s pretty great. 

Another reason that I am happy when a couple decides on a first look is because it just makes the day flow easier.  Now, I have absolutely NO problems with a couple deciding to wait and not have a first look.  I’m just opening up as a wedding planner on what I’ve experienced and giving you a little inside scoop.  For one thing, it’s much easier when I don’t have to hide you from each other for 5 hours when you are both on the same property. It eases a little stress during your reception.  It gives you a little more time to mingle with your guests and get the party started sooner.  Your photographer will most likely be thrilled that you are doing a first look as well.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask them.  You will get some amazing couple and lots of them because you have plenty of time!  You can even get all of the bridal party and family photos done before the ceremony.  Everything you would have to squeeze into an hour window during the reception, you are getting done before the ceremony and enjoying more time on your wedding day together! 


Please don’t think that I am 100% one sided on this and hold that against me.  I know that it isn’t for everyone and trust me, I am an absolute sap when it comes to watching the sweet interaction between and bride and groom when they first see each other down the aisle.  I just want to give options and share ideas that maybe some couples out there haven’t thought about yet.  This is YOUR wedding day.  I want you to be happy and comfortable.  My job is to be there and help make your wedding the BEST DAY EVER!

xoxo - k


Katie Kalender