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a few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things

i'm so glad you're here!

Hey, I'm Shelly!

The organizational side to Katie's incredible creativity. 
I joined the Ribbon & Leaf team after 6 years working as a project manager for a web design & development firm.
I am the color-coordinated markers to specific tasks in my planner kind of girl and genuinely enjoy spending my free time organizing and de-cluttering my house and the ones of my friends, if they let me in. ;) 

I have been married to my college sweetheart for nearly 8 years and have two little boys, Josiah and August, who keep us on the move! We moved to California from Pennsylvania
5 years ago (after being lifelong east coasters) and have loved every second of exploring this stunning state.

I work behind the scenes with Katie helping your wedding day details come together both in the months leading up to your day and the day of! I can't wait to see your magical day come together! 

Hi, I'm Katie! 

I wanted to plan weddings from the time I was sixteen years old, now here I am in my thirties fulfilling that dream every day.  I can honestly say that I love what I do and I find it an honor to be included in my couple's wedding planning process. 

 I have been told that I am the human form of a Xanax and I highly value all of the relationships in my life, clients included. 

I worked as a commercial account manager for private insurance firm while in my early 20's and very quickly gained valuable knowledge on how various multimillion dollar businesses were ran, and also that I truly hated sitting in a cubicle. 

I am a big picture person, who thrives on a deadline and the doubt others have that can't envision what I can.  Taking an idea and bringing it to life is what I enjoy doing the most.  

I have been married for over a decade and we have three beautiful daughters, Tessa, Emma and Tori.  One of our daughters has Down Syndrome, so the Special Needs community is very close to my heart.  

On a wedding day, you can bet that once the formalities are over and everyone is happy on the dance floor, I will be off in the corner with a crisp Coke and a piece of cake watching the party go down. 

Cheers to you!